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Our Socks Are the World’s Softest! So, How Do You Keep Them That Way?

Our Socks Are the World’s Softest! So, How Do You Keep Them That Way?

There is nothing worse than when you buy a blanket or a sweatshirt that feels so soft, and then it meets the wash and is never the same.

We are proud believers that we sell the softest socks, and we want to help you preserve that!

How to keep our socks the softest:
Turn them inside out for the washing machine:
This can help pull away any lingering strands that can be hanging around inside your sock.

  • Avoid bleach at all cost:
    • Bleach is a powerful disinfectant that can break down the fibers of delicate and soft materials. It can weaken the fabric, causing it to become thinner, more prone to tearing, or lose its softness.
  • Keep it light:
    • We recommend washing your socks along with other delicates in a smaller load. Washing them in a small load minimizes friction and reduces the risk of tangling, stretching, or snagging that can occur when items are crowded together.
  • Always use cold water when washing:
    • Cold water is more gentle on the fibers and reduces the risk of fraying, pilling, or weakening the fabric structure.
  • Get ready to tumble:
    • Just like hot water, the heat from your dryer can damage the soft fibers. The tumbling action can even help fluff up the fibers, giving life back to that familiar soft and cozy feel.

Our socks are designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience. Proper care helps preserve the softness of the yarn and makes sure your socks stay cozy!

Soft clothing in general doesn’t take wear and tear very well, so it’s important to treat our socks with care. To best enjoy your World’s Softest® Socks, remember the tips above. We are proud to bring you decades of high quality products!